Pyatigorsk Translation Club
Coming Soon ...
How can I join the Club?
You can register using our website form. The registration starts one month before the event date and you can subscribe to our social media if you want to be the first to know about it. We suggest registering to the event in advance as we had to close the registration early for three years in a row as we reached the venue seating capacity limit.
Do you have an established venue?
As of right now, we are constantly looking for new locations to improve our guests' experience.
I really wanted to go, but the registration is closed. What do I do?
We do everything we can to prevent that from happening, but we have to close the registration one week before the event day to ensure we can prepare the venue for the exact amount of visitors. Sometimes we have to close the registration early as we reach the venue seating capacity limit.
We keep in touch with all the people who registered and ask them to let us know if they have their plans changed and can't come. Unfortunately, sometimes it is still not enough.

Where can I find the recordings of the event?
As of right now, we do not record the presentations, but we stream some through Instargam Live feature.
When do you plan the next event?
Taking in mind the current situation, we are not able to pinpoint the exact dates just yet. This is a yearly event but we do it twice a year if we're lucky.
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