Pyatigorsk Translation Club
Event organizer

Founded in 2007, ANGIRA Translation Company has been featured in Russia's TOP-50 LSPs rating by and TOP-5 best localization industry employer list since the day the ratings were established.

ANGIRA is a member of the European Language Industry Association (ELIA), has a 5-star PROZ rating and is certified as a credible partner by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. In 2019, ANGIRA received a letter of recognition from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation acknowledging ANGIRA's efforts localization industry.

Our employees are encouraged to frequently partake in industry events both as guests and as speakers and have held panels at Tekom, Women in Localization, Meet Central Europe Conference, and many other key industry events.

Working with more than 200 language pairs and specializing in the languages of the former USSR, Angira is a well-renowned regional MLV. Our main clients come from 14 countries and include names like Interpol, BP, Sber, Prada, Lukoil, SPLAT, and many others.

ANGIRA is an industrial chair at the Institute of Translatology, Multilingual and Russian studies of Pyatigorsk State University. This collaboration allows our company to create new jobs for PSU's aspiring graduates, as we provide both internship opportunities and internal positions in our team.

In June 2021, a 5-year milestone of Angira's and Pyatigorsk State University collaborative effort was marked by a letter of recognition signed by the head of the university.

Both students and professors of Pyatigorsk State University are a large part of Pyatigorsk Translation Club's audience.